Workshop w/Greg Tavares

Time: Saturday 10/12 @ 1pm-3pm
Cost: $25 ($20 for TNM students and alumni)

Workshop Description: “The Join: How to Start Awesome Scenes”

Greg Tavares is the co-artistic director of Theatre 99 in Charleston, SC. He wrote an improv book called Improv For Everyone. In that book, he tells players how to create awesome scenes.

In this workshop, Greg will teach you a technique that gets you on the same page as your scene partner right at the top of the scene. The technique is called “The Join” and Greg promises that it works every time. The workshop will include doing lots of scenes and Greg might yell a little, but that is not because he is mean, it is because he is excited.

Oh yeah, everyone who takes this class will get a free copy of Greg’s book!


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