Why Everyone Should Donate $5-15 to Every TNM Project on Kickstarter Right This Very Second

We have a very unique community. One that works very hard on a myriad of projects.

We live in “comedy small markets,” so for something big to get done, we often have to do it ourselves. This is a great “problem” to have, though, as it keeps the creators in control of what their vision is. The downside to that is we often have to hold fundraisers or run Kickstarters to help make these dreams come true.

The upside to that, though, is that our community is so large that every TNM project that needs Kickstarter shouldn’t have any problem meeting their fundraising goals.

Imagine if every student and alumni contributed $5-15 to each one of the below Kickstarters and every single Kickstarter that comes up in the future. That’s the kind of power we have as a community. Imagine if everyone who is dreaming of a web series or festival or tour or production is able to rely on the community to help make those dreams come true?

That would be pretty incredible.

So, we ask you – can you donate to each of the Kickstarters below? Remember, the money doesn’t come out of your account until the end of the campaign. $5 would be wonderful. $10 would be absolutely amazing. $15? Are you crazy? Yes, you are.

Here’s the list of projects currently seeking fundraising:

Web Series: Sunken City (funding ends July 4th)
People involved in this project: Kyle June Williams, CJ Hunt, Jonathan Evans, Ryan Murphy and a bunch of other NOLA TNMers

Fund Sunken City right now, right here.

Documentary: The Air Sex Championships Tour (funding ends July 13th)
People involved in this project: Chris Trew, Brock LaBorde, Jonathan Evans, Molly Ruben-Long, Mikey Felton, Brittany Wright, many other Austin & NOLA TNMers

Fund the Air Sex documentary right here, right now

Cartoon: Hillbilly Philosopher (funding ends June 21st)
People involved in this project: Jonathan Hubbell (TNM Austin)

Fund Hillbilly Philosopher right here, right now

Web Series: Least Favorite Love Songs  (funding ends June 12th)
People involved in this projectHelen Krieger, Joseph Meissner, Eritria Pitts, Angela Strohm, Chris Trew, Tami Nelson, Cecile Monteyne, Brian Tarney, Jonathan Evans, Cyrus Cooper, Andrew Larimer, CJ Hunt, Derek Dupuy, Ian Hoch, and Aly Killday.

Fund Least Favorite Love Songs right here, right now