We offer a variety of shows, workshops, and special events tailored for your city’s needs. 


TNM has toured our homegrown improv, standup, and sketch comedy shows throughout the country. We have collectively performed in over 75 cities, from NYC to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Honolulu. If it’s a star on the flag, chances are we’ve been there. We’ve also hosted events that range from small private parties to 500-person mega-venues to major music/comedy festivals (SXSW, FunFunFun Fest).


If you haven’t witnessed the world’s fifth major sport, you don’t understand what living like a champion is. Helmed by Chris Trew, the Air Sex World Championships (co-produced by the Alamo Drafthouse) have criss-crossed our great nation finding the country’s next great Air Sex champion, bringing their finest love-making techniques to invisible partners and visible crowds.


TNM Tourco is a completely portable comedy training center available for any event – big or small. We’ve brought our tried and true teaching methods to comedy festivals, theater companies, and a variety of corporate functions. We’ve taught aspiring comedians and people just wanting to have fun as well as kids, teens, and adults. We’ve taught workshops throughout the country for universities, major companies, secondary schools, start-ups, and everything in between.

Our favorite workshops are below, but we always take special requests! All classes taught by TNM Faculty. To inquire about bringing TNM Tourco to your neck of the woods, contact Mike Spara at [202] 487.7257 or .

The Straight/Absurd Dynamic
This workshop will dissect your stage relationships with the goal of immediately identifying the Strait/Absurd dynamic and how to play both sides effectively and more importantly, joyfully! We will help you recognize your existing strengths and weaknesses within this relationship dynamic and offer tools to simplify Strait/Absurd scenes.

Device Art
While walk-ons and tap-outs are beautiful devices when used correctly, they often cause problems when used incorrectly. In this workshop we’ll discuss the proper techniques to executing these popular devices including mechanics and heightening.

The Pattern is Everything
Being in your head has a terrible reputation in improv circles. This workshop is all about being in your head at the top of the scene (a good thing) and then using the information to truly play out of your head for the remainder. One exercise, one technique. Adding pattern recognition to your bag of improv tricks will help you find the comedy faster no matter the form.

From Improv to Sketch – Follow Comedy Math
Learn to turn your improvised material into more permanent sketch comedy material. We’ll cover everything from bringing ideas to the table to how to brainstorm on stage and in some cases, we’ll help produce and organize a run of your brand-new (yet to be written!) Sketch Comedy show.

Fill in the Blank
Is there something in particular you’d like for us to teach? We’re all ears. If your request isn’t in our repertoire, we’ll recommend someone!