The New Movement’s Family of Podcast Programming

In addition to providing live comedy for you every single weekend in Austin, Houston and New Orleans, The New Movement is proud to be offering something for your headphones.

Introducing The New Movement’s Podcast Network, TNM.FM. 

Your bus ride home just got more exciting. Your exercise routine just became more inspired. Your cross country road trip just added a passenger (one who’s not chipping in for gas, but still).

We will be adding new programs in the near future but for now we’ve got a little bit of everything – movies, sports, storytelling, interviews.

Scroll through the programs below and subscribe to your favorites!


Every Monday at 10pm CST we stream a movie on Netflix Instant and tweet along using a personalized hashtag. Our moderators will pick the best and RT them from @filminstant. We’ve got fun, games, tweeters of the week, and a specialized cocktail for every movie! Can’t wait to play? Download our Podcast at to hear us pick next week’s movie.

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Shipwrecked! is the accompanying podcast of a unique live storytelling show in New Orleans, Louisiana. It features comedic and unique stories from a wide array of voices who focus their seven-minute stories on a theme. James Hamilton and Sophie Lucido Johnson host. Subscribe to Shipwrecked! on iTunes

Trew to the Game is a show focused on the greatest live sports event in the world, New Orleans. The most irrational fan of all time Chris Trew is joined by co-host of the year, Tami Nelson and a rotating cast of guests.

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Love and Eight is an eight-minute snapshot of the most pertinent news stories of the week, as talked about by the varying perspectives of important people. Sophie Lucido Johnson keeps it short and sweet so you don’t have to waste your time reading anything at all ever again. Subscribe to Love and Eight on iTunes