What is TNM’s Style?

The New Movement improv style is a startling fierce experimental mixture, where absurdity and emotional risk take the foreground. The distinction of our playing style comes from training that emphasizes clean scene work and grounding situations, to create impact, while never missing the opportunity to embrace the irrational or bizarre. The New Movement style also is characterized by elegance and follow-through. By playing intelligently and following the maps and patterns of our scenes we tap into the magic of clarity and shared vision quicker. Fundamentally, we believe in improv as a young, growing artform, where the living beast of creativity is honored and elevated, and you can see that in the character of our shows.

Why Are Some of Your Shows Free?

We believe strongly in the power and importance of improv as an artform and as a movement. Since we know everyone should have an opportunity to be exposed to improv, some of our shows will always be free! The New Movement is dedicated to keeping improv accessible and available to all. And if you like, we also take donations, because we’d never deprive you of your opportunity to support a community that delights you.

What makes The New Movement different than other improv training centers?

TNM has created a unique syllabus focusing on specific techniques that will teach you to find your personal comic strengths. We believe that Improv naturally begets comedy, so we teach all of our classes with an emphasis on finding the smartest and funniest choices in scenes.

Who takes your classes?

We have students who range in lifestyle from attorneys to housewives, therapists to DJ’s, college professors to street performers. Improv can be useful to anyone regardless of their comedy aspirations. However, for people who are interested in pursuing a career in comedy, actors who want to sharpen their skills, writers who want to find a new approach – we can help hone your skills and make you better at your craft.

What kind of time commitment are classes?

Classes run for 8 weeks each at 2 hours a class. We offer 5 levels of improv curriculum and a variety of electives.

How much do classes cost? Are there discounts? Can I pay in installments?

All of our classes are $200 per 8-week session. We ask students to pay $100 by the first day of class and the remainder by week three. In special circumstances, we can work out a pay structure for you. We offer discounts for classes in the form of internships and referral discounts. Please inquire about available internships.

What kind of improv will I study with The New Movement?

We teach and perform long-form improv. Our specific philosophy is based around the focus that scenes can be defined and mapped from the first several lines and actions at the top of the scene. We teach five levels of classes which evolve from introduction to improv skills and vocabulary to exploring character development, dynamic, patterns, devices, ensemble and advanced scene studies.

Can I start taking improv classes at The New Movement as an upper level student?

In some very rare situations, MAYBE. As a general rule, all students being their training with TNM at Level 1. Many of our students come to TNM with previous improv experience. We have learned that regardless of a students previous experience it’s best to start all students learning the TNM style together in Level 1.

How do I start getting on stage?

We assemble student troupes and coach ad hoc groups formed from within our student body which perform regularly on our stage. The Student Union is a weekly showcase featuring TNM students and alumni only. Our other shows are casted from the pool of talent within TNM.

Can I sample your classes?

Yes! Our Improv Zero class is completely free and is offered weekly in Austin and monthly in New Orleans.

Can I do my ____ show at TNM? Can I rent it for rehearsal?

Our schedule is jam-packed with classes and shows produced by our community so we’re probably not your answer. We’re available to rent for rehearsals, but our space is very limited.