Sketch Workshop w/Kevin McDonald

Date: Saturday, April 11, 2015 @ 10am-6pm
Location: TNM Nola – 2706 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA
Cost: $190

The New Movement is bringing our old friend Kevin McDonald back to New Orleans.  Kevin is giving a workshop where all the students will perform a show @ TNM Nola. Every student will be in at least one scene in front of a audience.

Yes, Kevin McDonald (the weakest Kid in the Hall – but the Kids in the Hall were so great that the weakest one is still pretty good) will teach you in a 7-hour workshop (it’s really 8 hours but there is an hour for lunch – he is so weak that he needs to eat as much as he can). He will teach you the Kids in the Hall process of of turning improv into comedy sketches. And then you will perform a show with Kevin that night – where you will all do sketches that were written that day!

Please sign up and work with Kevin – he is weak and lonely and needs to socialize.

9:00pm – Kevin McDonald’s Sketch Show

Kevin McDonald is part of Kids in the Hall, one of the most influential sketch groups in the past 20 years. You’ve seen him in tons of TV shows and films, and now he’s come to TNM’s Improv Wins Conference to impart his comedic wisdom to the next generation of sketch comedians. This show will feature all the best sketches to come out of Kevin’s workshop. Expect the biggest of big things here.