My Louisiana Style + Wax and Seals Gala Invitation

I perform comedy for a living. Looking good is not a requirement for performing comedy. Also, to many people I probably won’t ever really look good unless I shave my face. To those people I say “Ha Ha Ha” followed by “I am judging a Louisiana Style contest at the Wax Museum for Easter Seals” finishing with “How do you like me now.”

I bet everyone who doesn’t think I have any fashion sense is really feeling bad about how they treated me before. Look, just because I can pull off weird socks with ill-fitting pants and a Pelicans hat doesn’t mean you need to be upset with me. How about instead you acknowledge me at my best, which is somehow maybe kind-of pulling off colors and patterns that look like I might not know what I’m doing but I also straightened my beard real nice and I look fly as hell:



Sweater + pants from Banana Republic
Undershirt from American Apparel
Hat from Goorin Brothers
Shoes from a bizarre thrift shop outside of Kansas City
Feeling Pretty Good from my State of Mind
State of Mind from Me

Whats your Louisiana Style? 

Join me the night after Halloween at the Wax & Seals Gala in the historic Wax Museum! I’ll be judging the Louisiana Style contest, so come dressed to impress.

Two lucky attendees will receive $150 to use at The Shops At Canal Place!  Mark your calendar for Nov. 1st and enjoy the open bar, dancing, food and silent auction.

The first 100 guests will receive Trick or Treat goody bags and sip champagne as they roam the halls of the wax museum! Proceeds benefit Easter Seals Louisiana.

What: Wax and Seals Gala

Where: The Wax Museum (917 Rue Conti between Burgundy & Dauphine)

When: November 1, 2013 at 7:00 pm

Attire: Cocktail Attire

Tickets are on sale now: