TNM’s Training Camp Weekend Warrior program brings the rigor and focus of our popular summer Intensive to a two-day, round-the-clock advanced improv workshop where you will learn and practice for 6 hours a day and perform a killer show in front of a paying audience both nights. Each day’s session will hone in on one aspect of improv, with a rotating schedule of topics throughout the year.

This spring's session will include "Bear Hug a Perspective" and "Build a World" where we will focus on developing rich, complete characters, believably using object work to explore our environment, and creating expansive worlds in which to play.

Attendees of TNM’s Training Camp will get:

  • 6 hours a day of improv exercises and scenework
  • Daily specific feedback on you and your progress during the camp
  • A performance every night of camp in front of an excited, supportive audience
  • AND, you’ll make a great new group of badass friends

COST: $200
PREREQUISITE: Participants shall have completed one year of improv training.




What if improvisors trained like athletes?  What if there were a gym for improvisors – a space where you could get the type of individual attention, level of challenge, and exceptional amount of reps you need to make you sweat as a performer?  That place exists.  It’s called Training Camp. With locations in Austin and New Orleans, TNMs Training Camp program offers rigorous performance-based improv intensives with sessions every summer, winter, and spring.

Training camp is for the improvisor with the heart and drive of an athlete.  We seek the type of improvisor who never stops pushing, who watches shows with an eye for every single detail and move, who craves more practice, more stage time, and more challenge.  If this sounds like you – whether you’re a newbie or an old pro – we invite you to take part in our next session.  Spend your days learning and exploring a badass city, spend your nights performing in shows before paying audiences, and return to your home troupe a finely tuned improv athlete with the skills needed to take your game to the next level.


Nola Training Camp - group gameWe believe that you learn best by doing.  Training Camp takes the rigorous TNM curriculum – heavy on character, game, patterns, and devices – and packs it into an improv bootcamp designed to give participants an exceptional (almost absurd) amount of scene work.


We believe that you need more time in front of real audiences. Rather than waiting for one recital show at the end of the week, Training Camp requires participants to perform every night in front of paying audiences.


We believe that an improv intensive should be affordable. Training Camp - with its 35 hours of improv class, nightly performances, and access to the best TNM faculty from ATX & Nola - costs less than $400. That's about 4 months' worth of improv exercising, smooshed into one unforgettable week. Get here.


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