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WORKSHOP: Playing with Race, Gender, & Other No-Nos w/Nelson Velazquez

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WORKSHOP: Playing with Race, Gender, & Other No-Nos w/Nelson Velazquez
Date: May 07, 2017
Time: 12:00PM - 3:00PM

Venue: TNM Austin – Lavaca
616 Lavaca, Austin TX
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Ever wonder what it’d be like to play characters, relationships, and situations that you’ve always wanted to but others told you not to? Have you shied away from exploring new creativity because of how you may be perceived? This workshop is to discuss and play with the taboos of improv such as race, gender, religion, politics, sex, mortality, and language among many others to break down the barriers to unlock realism and depth to your scene work based on every day human experience.

Preferred Skill Level of Students: Intermediate – Advanced
Workshop Student Limit: 12
Length of Workshop: 3 hrs.
Price: $65

Workshop Outline:
– Discussion of taboos in students’ personal lives.
– Discussion of taboos in improv.
– Develop characters based on personal opinion regarding a given taboo.
– Incorporate improvised monologues.
– Incorporate real-life characters to develop new ones that embody a given taboo, e.g., the former Southern belle who allows a subtext of “southern pride” to support her dialogue. Understand justification for these characters, i.e., when it’s “right” to use them. Explore dramatic improvisation, i.e. “not chase the funny”, when exploring these issues.

Nelson Velazquez has been involved in improvisational theatre for the last 12 years. He is currently the Artistic Director of Salsation Theatre Company, a 17 year old Latino theatre company specializing in sketch and improv comedy. He currently serves as head musical director for Los Improviachis, an improvised musical mariachi band. He has trained and performed at Second City Training Center, The Annoyance Theatre, and ComedySportz Chicago and has performed with various groups across the country. He’s also a former associate producer for the Chicago Improv Festival. Nelson is also the founder and current head of the improv program at Crown Point Community Theatre.  He’s taught workshops across the country including The Trill Comedy Festival and The Grand Rapids Improv Festival.