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ShitStarter: Comedy + Crowdfunding

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ShitStarter: Comedy + Crowdfunding
Date: April 22, 2017
Time: 9:00PM - 10:00PM

Venue: TNM Nola
2706 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans LA
Ticket Price: $7 online/$10 door

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Unpredictable live comedy & the worst crowdfunding projects.

ShitStarter is a monthly show that mixes unpredictable live comedy with the real-life worst crowdfunding projects we can find. In each show, 5 comedians must blindly pitch and represent 5 different dumpy crowdfunding projects that they’re seeing for the first time onstage. As they fumble through their pitches, the show’s hosts and an ever-rotating panel of business experts grill them mercilessly, and they’ll have to defend all the glorious failures of their project’s concept, execution, donation rewards, etc.

The audience then tosses tickets and money into their favorite project’s funding bucket. Whichever project has the most tix/money in it at the end of the show gets all the money in all the buckets and we immediately choose a reward and donate all that money to the winning project.

If that winning project ends before it achieves it’s full funding, we’ll move all the collected money into the jackpot for next month’s Sh*tStarter show. It’s like a snowball of shittiness that gets bigger and bigger as the show rolls on.

Best of all, this show is held inside TNM Nola, a venue that was built after being successfully funded in the largest comedy theater Kickstarter campaign of all time. And during this show, we have a fun drink special called the Dark n’ Shitty at our bar!

Created & hosted by Chris Trew and Brock LaBorde, two dudes who have been obsessed with dumb projects for a long time.