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Improv Zero: FREE Improv Class

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Improv Zero: FREE Improv Class
Date: March 26, 2017
Time: 4:30PM - 5:30PM

Venue: TNM Nola
2706 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans LA
Ticket Price: FREE

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FREE & fun intro to TNM's improv style!

Interested in taking a class with TNM? Want to test drive it first? Well, Improv Zero is your ticket! In this FREE hour-long class, we’ll walk you through some exercises and bullet points of what comprises an improv education with TNM’s conservatory.

You’ll learn TNM’s style of comedy, you’ll play with fun and interesting people, and you’ll experience life in a different way. Improv Zero happens a couple of times every month at TNM Nola. And after Improv Zero, be sure to stick around for Student Union, where you can watch TNM’s current students, faculty, and alumni play in a mash-up show, followed by some great shows and recitals after that!

For any questions about classes, email TNM Nola’s Conservatory Director @ tnmnola@gmail.com.