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7:30pm – 7th Grade

Sketch Queens Let It all Out

7:30pm – 7th Grade

Middle school were some of the worst years of your life. You were angry, awkward, & pubescent, then shoved into a building with other kids who were just like you. Being 13 felt like a different world run by hormones & detention slips. We’re all adults now, though, and can laugh at that insanity. Sure, we still wish our crush answered “Yes” on our note instead of “Maybe.” We’ll also admit we haven’t totally gotten over that horrible day in gym class. And yeah, we break out in hives at the mention of algebra.

But we’ve matured and decided to rip those years a new asshole.

Come join 7th Grade (Roxy Castillo & Ariel Greenspoon) in a joyous comedic take on the time we wish to forget. Through absurd sketches and memorable characters we will finally show middle school who’s the boss. So grab your pencil case and don’t forget to cover your books ’cause school is officially in session.

7:30PM – January 22nd & 29th
$7 online/$10 @ the door

This event could sell out! Purchase tickets in advance below. Once sold out, there will be 10-15 tickets left at the front door before the show.



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This show is presented by talent from The New Movement, the nerve center of comedy in the Gulf South. TNM is a duo of bustling conservatories that train the best comedians in New Orleans and Austin, it’s an aggressive programming machine that held over 1200 shows across 50 cities in 2015, it’s an event production company that produces festivals, workshops, and tours like Hell Yes Fest and the Air Sex Championships, and it’s a never-ending hustle to put the south on the comedy map. In New Orleans, arrive early for the show and grab a drink at our patio bar, Rosewood. In Austin, come early to chill in our downtown lobby lounge and meet the best comedians around. Register for our sketch & improv classes year-round at TNMcomedy.com. #WeLiveComedy