PRESS: How TNM Built a Comedy Scene from Scratch – Splitsider

Comedy mega-site Splitsider wrote a super cool article about us, and it’s a fairly comprehensive summation of what we’ve done and what we’re doing, and it hints a little at what we’ve got planned for the future. It’s definitely worth a read or two.


CJ Hunt’s Character-A-Day

CJ Hunt is an actor, writer, and improviser @ TNM Nola. He recently completed a pretty fun project in which he created a different character each day and then explored a few minutes of those characters’ lives on-camera. It’s pretty incredible and you should spend the next few minutes or whatever just watching the weirdness unfold video after video.

Studio 8 teases upcoming Air Sex: The Movie!

We’re almost done editing our Air Sex documentary and now it’s time for the world to get a tiny little taste of what it’s gonna be like. A super rough cut of the film premiered at the Possible Worlds Film Fest in Australia in August 2014, and we’re hoping to release the finished film in early 2015.

Feast your eyes on the below teaser trailer, which includes the first footage ever released from our movie. We’re mega-excited to share this movie with the world.

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Tommy Wi-Show DVD’s now available!


Season 1 of The Tommy Wi-Show is here! –

For only $15 (plus $2 shipping within the U.S.), you get:

  • All 10 episodes of The Tommy Wi-Show’s mind-bending, video game-failing first season!
  • Every bonus video we ever released during Season 1!
  • 16 minutes of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes Tommy Wi-Show on-camera goofs and outtakes!
  • 3 special private video messages from the man himself, Tommy Wiseau, to you, the fans!
  • Another 30 minutes of ultra-secret content that we can’t reveal here, half of which has never been released in any way before! (HINT: You’ll find out what it is immediately after you buy it!)

It’s over 2 1/2 hours of breath-taking sci-fi comedy, Tommy Wiseau-filled content, smooshed onto one professionally-produced, gorgeous Dual-Layer All-Region DVD (it was too big for one standard DVD!), all shrink-wrapped and delivered fresh right to your door for only $15!