Molly Ruben-Long

Molly Ruben-Long
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Molly Ruben-Long was born in Brooklyn, NY. She started performing in 2nd grade when, completely unprompted, she stood up in the middle of class and sang “A Whole New World” in a strong six-year-old belt.

Molly spent many years singing in choirs where she had the opportunity to perform for and with some of the greatest artists of our time including Philip Glass, Michael Jackson, and Lil’ Romeo.

Two days after graduating with a BFA in drama and history in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, she rode a bicycle 3,800 miles across the USA with a non-profit organization called Bike & Build, which raises money and awareness for the affordable housing crisis in America.

She has been living in New Orleans since October 2010 where she works in non-profit administration and acts in plays. She is utterly thrilled to be a part of The New Movement family.