Mike Yoder

Mike Yoder
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Mike Yoder’s heroes are Kermit the Frog, Super Man, and Peter Sellers. Ever since he stopped wishing he could fly, he began wishing he would be a comedian. He loves all the arts and tries to dabble in them all. He is a Louisiana native, but spent eight amazing years in New York training and performing in various forms of comedy (mainly improv.) Now back in Louisiana, he is currently working towards his degree in TV media production at Delgado, and performing improve with the group Awkward Headbutt.

Mike has taught and or coached various people and groups in stand up, and improv comedy in New York and Louisiana.

Mike has completed the training programs at both the Upright Citizens Brigade and Magnet theater in NYC. He has also taken various other classes at the PIT, Chicago City Limits, and Caroline’s on Broadway. He has trained with Billy Merritt, Michael Delaney, Christina Gausas, and extensively with Armando Diaz to name a few. He has taken a satirical sketch writing class with Peter Grosz (The Colbert Report,) and he was one of the lucky few to get into a one day comedy writing workshop and Q&A with Monty Python’s, Terry Jones! (Mike covets his signed copy of Monty Python’s The Holy Grail; let the comedy nerd jealousy begin)

About Mike Yoder
Mike enjoyed immensely his time as a performing member of the Magnet theater, where he spent most of his time in New York as a member of two Megawatt house teams, Verrazano (like the bridge,) and Yum Yum Bankok (like the restaurant.) He also performed in the original, Improv Road Show (our take on Antique Road Show.) He wrote and performed in the sketch groups, The Dick Sisters, Shameful Display, and The Jonathan and Mike Extravaganza Show. Mike performed at many other various theaters in New York, UCBT, Gotham City Improv, The PIT, Caroline’s on Broadway, and many more. He also braved many of the uncomfortable open mics threw out the city. He wrote and performed in the online sketch sensation, The Happy Workers (we were featured twice on Myspace! Remember that? Hehehe.) You can still check out those videos at, thehappyworkers.com. Mike now lives in New Orleans, and is currently performing improv with Awkward Headbutt, and the NCC Musical. He’s met some very awesome and talented people here, and excited to be a part of the growing Comedy scene in New Orleans, a city he loves dearly (despite all the stupid unjust parking tickets.)