Michael Foulk

Michael Foulk
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Micheal Foulk was born in the mediumish sized town of Versailles, Kentucky, a town whose inhabitants insists that the name is pronounced ” vair sails” even though it is named after a very famous French chateau , but i digress . From there he filled a large portion of his babyhood jet setting around the midwest until he and his mother settled down in Round Rock, Texas also know as “the Rio de Janeiro of America”. Grade school, middle school, first show he went to was Flock of Seagulls, high school, blah blah blah. Foulk began working with Austin Musical Theater towards the tail end of high school after winning several accolades at UIL theater festivals, whatever that means. In 2004, Foulk became the lead vocalist of The Kirby/Widows&Orphans a touring band which ran until 2008 when they separated amicably. The New Movement came into Foulk’s life in early January of 2010, bringing with it a whirlwind of romance and education. Today you can find Foulk performing with “the alice in chains of comedy” SPIRIT DESIRE, “the control group of comedy” THE CONTROL GROUP, ” the Sam and Diane of comedy” HOBO ASSASSIN, and “the film Selena of comedy” HAND BOMB. The New Movement allows him to teach and coach as well, and that’s super nice of them. Foulk would like to hang out with you.

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