Kyle June Williams

Kyle June Williams
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Kyle June Williams is a graduate of NYU Tisch school of the Arts with a degree in
Acting and a debt the size of the sun. She helped originate and performed with the
sketch group Brave Aunt Beth based in NYC. Then she toured with the sketch group
BriTANIck performing a running show at UCB (NYC), The PIT (NYC), and Sketchfest
San Francisco. She also has a laundry list of theater credits that she can talk to you
about over drinks because she knows your just dying to hear about all of them.

She recently moved to New Orleans and is now a graduate of The New Movement.
She performs in Dream Fantasy Castle, Beach Kings, The Literary Cannon,
and Party Team. She also hosts and produces the webseries, The Drink Show
(, a comedy series about serious drinking with fellow TNMer
Andrew Larimer and works as a producer at FatHappy media.

Put your tube top on and let your hair down because Kyle promises a barrage
of viral video madness of sketch and booze that will blow your mind. To check
out her sketch, improv, outlandish storytelling, and upcoming shows visit