Kate Adair

Kate Adair
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Kate Adair started studying improv comedy in 2008. Before that, she’d taken improv classes in NYC with Armando Diaz as part of Michael Howard Studios Summer Conservatory. Before TNM, she was on a long-form team, did short form improv with Comedy Sportz, and was in a half-sketched half-improvised space show called Asstronots.

Kate was in the first graduating class at TNM_NOLA and was a member of Dance Crisis. With them, she traveled to the Del Close Marathons at the UCB Theatre in NYC. She attended the Chicago Sketch Comedy Fest in 2011 with Funny Bones Improv, a team that does comedy for children in hospitals. One of her favorite projects was getting to travel with TNM’s OcTourber in a two-week tour that ended up in the Midwest, as well as all of her shows with Claws with Fangs. Since its inception, she has been running lights for the half-scripted, half improvised show You Don’t Know The Half of It. Currently she performs regularly at TNM NOLA with FEATHERS with Eritria Pitts, Riot Mueller, and Emily Eagan. They are known for doing the monoscene.

Kate is a film and television actress and has can be seen in many projects including two WWE movies, True Detective, 22 Jump Street, and as a thief in Will Smith’s crew on Focus.

Her website is: www.therealkateadair.com
Find her on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2687235/