Kaitlin Marone

Kaitlin Marone
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Kaitlin Marone has always been just making things up. As a child in Arkansas, she spent her time recording episodes of All Things Considered that never aired because the stories were all international news stories made up by a child. So improv was basically just the next step.

She began studying improv comedy in 2010 and came to TNM NOLA in 2011. Kaitlin has been performing regularly with the house troupe Dean’s List since 2012, can be seen in the Megaphone Show as a member of the rotating cast, and is a writer for The Real Chris Trew Show. She looks exactly like a member of the extremely cool and attractive short form group Miami Improv Machine. She has performed in many festivals Hell Yes Fest (Austin & NOLA), Improv Wins!, and Fun Fun Fun Fest. Recently, she performed at the public library near her house.

She loves the comedy community in New Orleans and co-founded & organizes the Womyn’s Pizza Collective (with fellow performers Margee Green and Liz Beeson), a monthly gathering of womyn in comedy. One day she is totally going to start a podcast.