Jonathan Hubbell

Jonathan Hubbell
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The Universe existed for a real long time, then Jonathan D. Hubbell was born in there. He came into existence made of Star Stuff and currently enjoys juiceboxes. Rumored to be the most fart-tacular person at The New Movement, he stumbled into the theater after a dream told him about a wandering goat. That goat, named Cobras, was later found alive at The New Movement Theater. When this announcement was tweeted inside of the web, Jonathan went to pick up Cobras. As he slowly backed out of the theater with goat animal in hand, Chris Trew shouted, “Hey kid, ya might not be a real piece of shit, after all!” Followed by a spit to the ground. Tami smiled and chimed in: “Show him the sleeping quarters.” Thenceforth, Jonathan began sleeping in the basement of the theater, studying his tree faith and drawing charcoal sketches of Tami’s magical History list of dead people. Peanut Butter is served there on Wednesdays.

On Jonathan’s tombstone, it will say, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Followed by “Am I right, ladies?” He went to UT and stuff and studied stuff. He is a cartoonist, illustrator and comedy writer—currently writing several cartoon scripts, doing poster and album art for various folk/indie/surf/rock bands (including Best Coast and Marty Peercy) and comedy events, drawing comics, doin’ paintings, printing shirts, teachin’ kids art and bringing death to Republicans. He likes playing bass and painting monkeys experiencing existential moments in space, alongside the coasts of tumultuous oceans and even swimming in coral reefs.

If you don’t have heart, he doesn’t give a shit about you.

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