Ian Hoch

Ian Hoch
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From Durango, Colorado, Ian earned a dual degree in Drama and Broadcast Production from Loyola University before entering a long stretch of performing and teaching improv and sketch comedy writing. He is a cast member of The Megaphone Show and also plays with TNM’s bad-boy group AWKWARD HEADBUTT. An accomplished stage and screen actor, Ian is a core member of the Cripple Creek Theatre Company, and has portrayed a diverse range of characters; favorites include Bobby Jindal in Major Swelling’s Medicine Salve Salvation Show, Jarville in The Future is a Fancyland Place and Sammy in the Broadway adaptation of The Wedding Singer.
On camera, Ian has had a guest starring role on HBO’s Treme and smattering of roles in commericals and both independent and feature films. On the web, Ian is the creator of the viral sensations “Where to Drink in New Orleans,” the “Hit and Run Jazzfest Map” and “Me and Drew” is a contributor at NOLA Defender.