Chris Trew

Chris Trew
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Chris Trew has headlined comedy festivals as a performer and an instructor. He’s produced tons of events from multi-city tours to comedy marathons to big ole’ festivals. He founded the sketch comedy group Studio8 and has produced or appeared in hours of material, some of which has been picked up by Comedy Central.

Terp2it, his rap handle, has released three albums (The Freshest Dude, My Wiener Touches the Ceiling, Half Man Half Beard) and is also the producer and host of the Air Sex World Championships which has toured the country multiple times and been covered by hundreds of newspapers and radio stations. His solo shows A Celebration of the Unremarkable and The Real @ChrisTrew Show are both really good.

After years of teaching improv basics all over Austin he founded The New Movement with Tami Nelson in March 2009. He’s on Twitter right here and his personal site is right here. The Austin Chronicle once said “Trew is out of his fucking mind.”