Adam Artho

Adam Artho
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Adam grew up in the flat, dusty environs of the Panhandle of Texas. He has led a fairly sheltered life and isn’t sure where his sense of humor comes from, but he thinks it might be related to parochial school. Being raised by two very loving and supportive parents along with 4 siblings, he learned to yes, and… from a very early age, mostly for survival’s sake. While this philosophy initially led to a scared straight type scenario, the good folks at New Movement Theater harnessed this ability into the delight you see today. He is a founding member of the TNM house troupe LUCY. He has also performed regularly in the theater’s flagship The Megaphone Show, the Lamebook Show, Port-a-Potty Make Out Booth, The Neighborhood, and various other projects. Other than that, feel free to ask his take on wine and food pairing, redox reactions, and 1970′s Cowboys trivia.

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