Aaron Walther

Aaron Walther
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Thrust from the loins of Spring, Texas, in 2007 Aaron settled in Austin to pursue his undergraduate’s degree in Philosophy at UT. He came to know The New Movement in the Spring of 2010, quickly falling in love with magic produced within its walls. Since then he has become a member of two house troupes, DJ Danger Dad and City High, and a contributor to theater publication Lowlights. He also holds the position of Media Editor at the Texas Travesty, the largest college humor publication in the nation, wherein he manages the production of sketch comedy videos. His hobbies include fire making and general revelry, film, honest discourse, and implicating himself in innocuous not-crimes. He aspires to one day work for the entertainment industry making something worthwhile.


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http://www.facebook.com/pages/City-High/114736351913423 (City High Fan Page)

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