Fringe Fest @ TNM

The New Movement presents a week of programming as part of the New Orleans Fringe Festival. Each night of Fringe (Nov. 20th-23rd) we will bring you unique TNM shows at both 8 and 10pm. You will find sketch comedy, live cartoon comedy, silent improv, and much more. Come spend your Fringe with us and see comedy push the boundaries.


All tickets are $8 with a Fringe button. $11 without a Fringe button.

Our 8pm shows are collectively called Sketched!  These shows feature live sketch comedy from performers at The New Movement.  Our 10pm shows are part of TNM’s Comedy Lab.  This is where we put our experimental comedic shows for Fringe.

Wednesday, Nov. 20th

8pm – rude. & Vanessa Gonzalez


rude. is Colleen Allerton and Lauren LaBorde, who met in a sketch writing class at The New Movement and through their love of messy reality TV heroines, excessive white wine consumption, and varying degrees of feminism forged a bond on and off stage that is “real fun to watch” (said some guy once). Together they created the viral video “My Purse, My Choice,” which received over 400,000 views and was featured on MSNBC, The Today Show, CNN, The New York Times and your mother’s Facebook page. NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS is a multimedia sketch show exploring what happens when women stop being polite and start being people.


I Don’t Know Words is a solo sketch show written and performed by Vanessa Gonzalez. Vanessa has always had trouble finding the right words so she found that the best way to get her point across is through characters, absurdity and songs. The show will be making it’s Fringe Festival debut in New Orleans.

10pm – The Real Chris Trew


A special Fringe edition of The Real Chris Trew Show is coming your way! A towering pixilated figure appears on a jumbotron screen. The voice of some mid-90’s chanteuse chokes the air and from behind a curtain of pyrotechnics, the human form of this man emerges. It is The Real Chris Trew. Anything can and will happen.

Thursday, Nov. 21st

8pm – Stupid Time Machine


Fringe Fest veterans and nationally touring sketch group Stupid Time Machine is back with a brand new sketch comedy show. Come check out what STM has been working on. Each year Stupid Time Machine brings you a new hour long show that explores everything you are afraid to laugh about.  Last year this show sold out at Fringe Festival show. Make sure to get there early.

10pm – Quiet on the Set


Join some of New Orleans’ best comedians as they put on one of New Orleans’ most captivating and unique shows. Quiet on the Set is The New Movement’s own silent improv show and it is now featured as a part of the incredible New Orleans Fringe Festival. It’s the show that has to be seen to be heard.

Friday and Saturday, Nov. 22nd and 23rd

8pm (Fri. and Sat.) – Drunktoons

onceupona drunktoon

In 2011, Drunktoons debuted what we’re pretty sure was the world’s first LIVE CARTOON SKETCH COMEDY show. For 2013, we’re debuting the world’s first LIVE CARTOON SKETCH COMEDY show about PRINCESSES! In a show that most sober people think is physically impossible, Drunktoons allows the audience to watch character actors perform the voices of hysterical (poorly) animated shorts, Big Easy style (while drinking.) The fairytale themed “Once upon a Drunktoons” proves that while Disney princesses maybe (much) prettier, Drunktoons Princesses make significantly healthier life choices.

10pm (Fri. and Sat.) – Conversations with Body Language : A Silent Sketch Comedy Show


A silent sketch comedy show from the brain of Mike Spara and friends. No words, no boundaries. “A visual mixtape.” “That feeling you get from eating cotton candy. Because, of course, cotton candy is magic.” This show sold out back in August, so get your tickets early.

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Thank You from the Year 3000



Whoa! This last weekend we took over Fun Fun Fun Fest and kept the party going on Sunday. Holding a pageant in the year 3000, we came together from three planets and celebrated all day. Thank you everyone for putting in crazy awesome efforts into making this year tops. The New Movement at Fun Fun Fun Fest is the most fun because of you!

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Why Actors Can Be Good Poker Players

As well as knowing the game to a tee and being able to assess players’ positions from their behaviour, being able to maintain a straight face is one of the essentials for poker at any level.  Without this, your skilled opponents will be able to smell your fear or confidence and bet or back out accordingly, minimising your wins and maximising your losses.

There is constant debate over whether acting of bluffing is beneficial to a poker player.  Some would say that a bad player will not have a clue regardless and a good player will be able to tell whether you’ve got something anyway.  According to conventional poker wisdom, the best idea is to give absolutely nothing away.  Don’t show satisfaction or fear, whether you have the cards or now.  Any emotions which you display can give away small things about what you are holding.  For this reason, acting while playing poker to thrown your opponents is not worth the risk.

Some skilled poker players, however, will claim that acting can help you to throw a player, helping you to minimise losses and maximise wins. This is not true for the top players in the world, who have spent years expanding their perceptions of what you are holding based on what you do or don’t do.  When it comes to the less skilled players, some will argue that there is a lot you can do to throw them off, allowing you to have a level of control over their actions.  This may works 50% of the time or it may only work 20% of the time.  Either way, acting is helping you win hands that you may not have otherwise.

Some players live dual careers as an actor and a poker player.  This certainly is the case for Anthony Denison, who has played some of television’s grittiest characters.  He began playing poker as child and his skills have stemmed from there.  He was a dealer in New York, where he furthered his skill and knowledge of the game.  When his acting career picked up, he could afford to stop dealing cards.  Denison says that a lot of the skills he has learnt are completely adaptable between his two professions.  The essential patience and discipline required in poker is much the same as that needed to persist in his acting career.  Focus is another key quality, essential in both areas.

Denison has commented that, while some players are not interested in the table banter, he is really interested in watching and interpreting the behaviour of his opponents. He said “I love the banter at the tables.  I love watching the people play their strategies and the people who aren’t that good who pretend to be.  They are always justifying their reasons for doing this and that, or why they call a hand.  It’s also funny to watch the players who have ripped another player like nine times I a row and then finally lost a pot to them and go nuts.  Poker players are like lovers, everyone thinks they are the best in the world. When you watch them at the table and they have this machismo or oestrogen attitude, it can be very entertaining.”

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