Jamie Kilstein Coming to Both TNMs in August!

Jamie Kilstein


“Watching Jamie reminds me of why I got into comedy. It is like watching a combination of George Carlin and Bill Hicks”
– Janeane Garofalo

Jamie has been seen on The Conan O’brien show, MSNBC’s Up with Chris, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Showtimes The Green Room, CNN’s The Joy Behar Show, The Paramount Comedy Channel in the UK, The BBC, The Comedy Channel in Australia, HBO Canada, and Showtime Comedy in the Middle East.

He Co-Hosts Citizen Radio which has been praised by Janeane Garofalo, Noam Chomsky, Robin Williams and him and his co-host were named by The Nation Magazine as top “media heroes” . Most importantly Glenn Beck has called him a “doofus” and “goofball” and Jonah Goldberg refuses to fight him.

Jamie was invited to The Montreal Comedy Festival, in 2007  and  2008 and brought his one man show there in 2010 after debuting it at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. He was a Timeout Chicago, Sydney, New York and London’s Critics Pick. He has played the concert hall of the Sydney Opera House. Before that he lived out of his car and dropped out of high school. Take that, life!

Citizen Radio
He co-hosts Citizen Radio with Allison Kilkenny (The Nation), which is dedicated to covering the stories that the mainstream, corporate media ignores. He has had the privilege of interviewing such distinct intellectuals as Rachel Maddow, Bad Religion, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Matt Taibbi, Jeremy Scahill, Rise Against, Robin Williams, Janeane Garofalo, Moby, Sarah Silverman, Naomi Klein, Amy Goodman, Regina Spektor and more. He has also been the recipient of batshit crazy threatening letters by the hate group God Hates Fags. Good stuff.

Chris and Tami: 2nd Honeymoon Tour

chris_tami_tour2013_sliderThe New Movement founders Chris and Tami are pumped to be heading out on their fourth national tour this Spring, The Second Honeymoon Tour. Since opening their second wildly successful comedy venue in The South (Austin and New Orleans locations), Chris and Tami have been too busy doing things like offending the nation on America’s Got Talent (Chris did Air Sex on national TV!), managing a wrestling stable (ACW) getting hitched (to each other) and raising an army of young comedians (TNM Conservatory) to hit the tour circuit. Married in December of 2011, Chris and Tami are taking advantage of this two week tour schedule as literally their second honeymoon – but a honeymoon for performance obsessed comedy kingpins.

@christrew + @iamtaminelson

| full tour schedule |

Tuesday April 30th: The New Movement
9:00p New Orleans, LA

Wednesday May 1st: Bella Derma
7:00p Columbus, MS

Thursday May 2nd: The Filming Station
9:00p Nashville, TN

Saturday May 4th: Arcade Theatre
8:00p Pittsburgh, PA

Tuesday May 7th: Simple Studios
2:00-5:00p, NY, NY (workshop only)

Wednesday May 8th:
TBD, Baltimore, MD

Thursday May 9th:
9:00p Richmond, VA

Friday May 10th: Theatre 99
10:00p Charleston, SC


Here’s a recent video that Chris and Tami made for your viewing enjoyment!


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