Season 2 at TNM Austin

Season 2 is starting out HOTT! We have brand new shows making their debut at TV Dinner, we have old favorites making the leap to full hour shows, and SO MUCH MORE.  With pleasure, I’d like to introduce you to SEASON TWO.

Shows, Shows, Shows!

TV Dinner

Every show at TNM is handcrafted by some loving, albeit crazy, people who have been trained at TNM and are now ready to go to the next level with a full scale production.  It all starts at TV Dinner.  Here you’ll get to see snipits of shows that are being considered for a full hour time slot.  In the past we’ve seen Mumbleoke, News Movement, and The Court of the People with Judge G-Su Paek.  The next TV Dinners are April 13th and May 18th so don’t miss out on this special preview show!

Part II

The only thing I love more than a good sequel is a bad sequel.  Taking that concept and running with it, TNM Austin’s Artistic Director Alex Berry and With Leather writer Brandon Stroud are taking the movie pitch process and tearing it to shreads.  The first of its kind, this show is a competition to write sequels to movies that do not need it (which is arguably every sequel).  This 3 round competition includes a prepared pitch, a pitch written on the spot by audience suggestion, and finally an impromtu pitch all culminating in a grand champion.  See the debut episode April 19th!  Buy tickets here!


TNM Tonight

TNM’s own late night show during prime time hosted by Devon Tincknell.  This show has it all…sketch, standup, live music and more than a few surprises.  Presales are cheaper than waiting to buy at the door and there is always free beer so don’t be a lazy pants about it.  Next show is May 4th.  Buy here!


News Movement

The TV Dinner darling is moving to its own time slot beginning June 8th.  Get your fill of local and national “news” from our team of investigative journalists, round table discussions, and field reporters.  Hosted by the lovely Henry Linser and the handsome Katelyn Cox-Lowder, they put the “ew” in “news.”  I regret that.  Buy your tickets early!

Other Stuff!


This was a blazing success last season and we’re bringing it back.  Pizza, beer, raffles, this is THE event if you are interested in taking comedy classes or just curious about The New Movement.  Each department has representatives there to answer your questions and get you registered. We have specials going like discounted level one classes going for $150, free tshirts, and passes to upcoming events.  The next party is May 23rd so RSVP now!

Moontower Comedy and Oddity Festival

We are thrilled to be part of Moontower again this year.  Our personal lineup is TBD, but you can get all the info about Moontower here.

Season Pass

Love TNM so much that you wish you could just have one magic ticket that gets you in to as many shows as you want during a season?  Well, your very specific wish is coming true in Season 2! On sale now is TNM’s first ever Season Pass.  This little wonder gets you in to as many regular priced shows as you can handle for all of S2.  For just $35 you get access to the great programming going on at The New Movement.  If you purchase online you can pick up at the theater.  Buy your pass here!

Stay updated on all the big announcements we have by adding us on Twitter @TNM_Austin or on Facebook here.  We look forward to seeing you in Season Two!

Season Two Nola

Season One is just about in the books and that means we are revving the engines for Season Two.  This time around, TNM is excited to feature brand new shows, bring back new and improved classics, showcase some fantastic out of town names, and introduce you to some new faces in New Orleans comedy.



What’s New!

We are excited to bring new shows to our regular lineup in Season Two.  Sophie Johnson’s new show Press Pass features improv, sketch, and stand up inspired by the news and it goes monthly starting on April 12th.  Two red hot teams have cracked the weekend lineup.  You are used to seeing them on Thursdays, but now you get to see them on the weekend.  TNM brings you House Party featuring Dean’s List and Brows.  Come see two of the teams that everyone is talking about on May 17th and June 28th.  You can also catch the debut of Comedy Intervention (4/5), the live podcasting of (4/27), and our version of the popular game show Match Game (5/31).


Sketch Comedy

We are amping up our sketch comedy offerings in Season Two.  On May 4th, you can catch the sensational Austin sketch show Glorias.  The weekend of June 21st-22nd you can catch sketch powerhouse Stupid Time Machine with a run of their new original sketch show. Not to mention original themed TNM sketch comedy productions every month in Season Two that is chalked full of TNM Nola performers.

The Classics

Some shows are so good they are sticking around for more.  The duo showcase Duocity returns on a monthly basis, The Language returns in May, Dream Fantasy Castle is back and darker than ever, The New Shit brings a TNM alumni twist, Motivational Mayhem continues to inspire the masses, and Lights Up is still the home for TNM student troupes, house troupes, and recitals on Thursday nights.

Special Events

Comedian Joe DeRosa comes into town with two shows on the 19th of April.  Opposites brings it’s famed two person improv show to New Orleans for the first time on April 20th.  The Austin, TX sketch show Glorias has it’s Nola premiere on May 4th.  Every Thursday from June 16th – 30th, you will see an improv tournament for the ages when improv teams step in the ring in Battle Royale.


Sunday nights at The New Movement already boasts mega popular shows like Shipwrecked! and You Don’t Know the Half of It, but now we are adding some new productions into the mix.  You can catch the celebrated cerebral improv of machine A. once a month in Season Two.  In addition to those powerhouse regulars, TNM presents Quiet on the Set.  Join us for a look into the collection of two old movie aficionados as they present to you live, silent improv that has to be seen to be heard.  We are also bringing back our improvised Shakespeare show Not to Be.  It’s the greatest play the Bard never wrote.

The Franchise

Our Friday at 10:30 showcase features the top groups, shows, and performers at The New Movement.  Like most all stars, this show is on the juice.  We are bigger, faster, and far more tanned in Season Two.  Each show promises to flex different muscles designed to hit it out of the park. Here’s a list of shows you’ll see Franchised.
4/5   – The Real @ChrisTrew Show
4/12 – Chris and Tami
4/19 – Joe DeRosa stand up
4/26 – The Factory
5/3   – One Night Stand
5/10 – machine A. feat. Super Computer
5/17 – Claws with Fangs
5/24 – The Factory
5/31 – The Real @ChrisTrew Show
6/7   – Claws with Fangs
6/14 – machine A. feat. Super Computer
6/21 – The Factory
6/28 – The Real @ChrisTrew Show

And…We Still Hold Down Saturday Nights

The Megaphone Show is still our ultra popular Saturday night show that holds it down weekly.  Our flagship show features local movers and shakers, celebrities, and downright badass people telling true life stories followed by a cast of all star improvisers doing improv inspired by those stories.  Past guests like Harry Shearer, Tony Clifton, Sean Patton, John Michael of My Name is John Michael, and more told stories in Season One.  Who do we have in store for Season Two?  Come find out.

Megaphone Marathons 4: Call for Submissions!

The comedy event of the Summer is back! The Megaphone Marathons, now in its 4th year, is looking for submissions of all kinds – improv, sketch, character standup pieces, solo pieces, late night weird stuff, etc.. Fill the form out below and save that date.

Please note that for the first time ever, The Megaphone Marathons has a $10 submission fee. This money goes right back into the festival to ensure large crowds and badass parties.

Who is the submission fee for?